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Personal Safety Intervention Order

Expert Intervention Order & Family Violence Lawyers

Intervention Orders are civil orders that protect a person (the Protected) from the aggressive or harassing behaviour of another person (the Respondent).  The order restricts the behaviour of the Respondent by imposing a number of legal conditions. 

These actions can include violence, property damage and restrictions on publishing information in relation to the Protected Person. A breach of these conditions may result in the Respondent being arrested and criminally charged under the relevant legislation. 


How Intervention Orders & Family Violence Orders affect your Family Law Matter

The Intervention Order process is central to many Family & Relationship Law disputes.

Our experienced team of Family Violence and Intervention Order Lawyers will advise you on how an order will affect your Family Law matters and vice versa. 

How We Will Assist You With Your Intervention Order

Our Intervention Order team has extensive experience in providing legal advice and representation in all aspects of the Intervention Orders Court process. If you have been served with an application for an Intervention order, or you are the Applicant, we will advise you of your options and the likely outcome of your case.

It is important to have our Intervention Order Lawyers represent you at Court because it is very difficult to talk directly to the other party in order to negotiate an outcome. Our Intervention Order team regularly appears at all Magistrates Courts across Victoria to conduct hearings. We will advise you on the evidence and the process which you will go through should you require an Intervention Order, or have been served with paperwork seeking that you attend Court.

Our expertise includes:

  • Applying for Intervention Orders or responding to being served with an Intervention Order.
  • Assistance with criminal breaches of an Intervention Order.

Family Violence Intervention Order

A Family Violence Intervention Order is where your matter involves harassment from a family member, partner or relative. The order is designed to protect an individual from mental or physical harm from a member of their own family. This order includes conditions against sexual abuse and financial harm.

Personal Safety Intervention Order

A Personal Safety Intervention Order is where your matter does not involve a member of your family, such as a neighbour or work colleague.  The order is issued by a magistrate to protect an individual from mental or physical harm from somebody who is not a family member. There are conditions and rules tied to the order that must be followed by the Respondent.

Resolving the Intervention Order

Intervention Orders may be resolved by negotiation with the other party and with both persons consent. It can resolve by way of the Respondent consenting without admissions, by way of undertaking, or by way of withdrawal. If it cannot be resolved with the other party, it may run to a contested hearing where both parties will be required to give evidence before a judge.

Applying for an Intervention Order

Any person can obtain an application for an Intervention Order in Victoria, should they feel in fear of their safety. In circumstances where the Court considers that a person is in danger, they will make an interim order without the Respondent present. This will then be served upon the Respondent.