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Family & Divorce Law – There’s a Better Way to Separate

  • Demystifying the separation and divorce process.
  • A Family Law firm providing fair and transparent fees in your Family Law representation.
  • Upholding the highest levels of professional conduct in negotiating parenting arrangements, including child custody and parenting plans.
  • Empowering you with control over the process of conducting property settlements and financial settlements.
  • Committed to de-escalation when negotiating consent orders and binding financial agreements on your behalf.
  • Family Lawyers, Intervention Order Lawyers and contested Wills & Estates Lawyers, who treat Court as an option of last resort.

Our Approach to Family Law

Our approach to Family Law is to provide the best Family Lawyers near you, on an immediate and task-force basis. Our tight-knit group of Family Lawyers will handle your matter with intensity, thoroughness, and creativity. We manage our client’s legal issues within the larger framework of their strategic and financial goals. Our Family Lawyers focus on matters that require careful attention, tested experience, and a high degree of expertise.

We understand that searching for the “best Family Lawyer near me” can be a confusing, frustrating, and stressful process. In addition, we recognize that the ordeal of navigating a divorce or separation is a mentally, physically, and emotionally challenging time.

Seitz & Pepper Family Lawyers Melbourne will ensure you have the best Family Lawyers and Divorce Lawyers by your side, regardless of how simple or complex your Family Law situation is. Our approach is to achieve the best results for the client as quickly as possible. We regularly take cases to trial and win before judges, but we also know when it makes sense to settle.

Seitz & Pepper Family Lawyers Melbourne is a leading Family Law Practice of Divorce Lawyers and Family Law solicitors. Our Melbourne Family Law team will ensure you have access to the best Family Lawyers, to provide you with expert Family Law advice for expedient Family Law solutions. Call us now to arrange your free 30-minute phone consultation.

Why Seitz & Pepper Family & Divorce Lawyers

Seitz & Pepper Family Lawyers was founded  by a small group of Divorce Lawyers, dedicated to providing advice and expertise at the highest levels in Family Law, Intervention Orders, Wills & Estates, Criminal & Traffic Law,  and conveyancing. 

We are an integrated Family Law firm committed to achieving extraordinary results following the distinctive vision of our founders – a cohesive team of Family Lawyers intensely focused on solving our client’s most important problems in Family Law.

In addition, Seitz & Pepper Family Lawyers resolve the interconnected issues facing our clients that arise from Family Law cases, including Intervention Orders, Wills & Estates, Criminal & Traffic Law and conveyancing matters.

Seitz & Pepper Family Lawyers demystifies the separation and divorce process by providing fair and transparent fees in your Family Law representation. We are a Family & Divorce Law firm that upholds the highest levels of professional conduct in negotiating your parenting arrangements including child custody and parenting plans.

Our Family Lawyers empower you with control over the process of conducting your property settlements and financial settlements. We are committed to de-escalation when negotiating consent orders and binding financial agreements on your behalf. Above all else, we treat Court as an option of last resort.

The Best Family Lawyers in Melbourne

Our approach to difficult parenting matters and complex property and financial settlements also exemplifies our focus and fresh thinking on creative solutions. We handle Family Law cases at all stages, from preliminary negotiations through to mediations and trials.  Engagements undertaken by the firm are at all times afforded the direct personal attention of the partners possessing the relevant expertise.

Our Melbourne Family Law team of experienced Divorce Attorneys and Separation Lawyers understand that every Family Law case is unique. Our Family Lawyers listen to your concerns, and are attentive to your objectives, from both a personal and practical perspective.  We provide Family Law advice that guides you to the best possible legal outcomes, in a clear and concise manner.

Seitz & Pepper Family Lawyers Melbourne is a preeminent Family Law Practice, providing rapid deployment and access to the best Family Lawyers near you. Your search for the “best Family Lawyer near me” is now over. Contact us today for your free 30-minute telephone consultation with the best Family Lawyers in Melbourne.

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Integrated Legal Services including Family Law, Intervention Orders, Wills & Estates, Criminal & Traffic Law and Conveyancing

Creativity in Service of our Clients

  • Guiding, directing, and navigating your pathway through the divorce and separation process.
  • Providing total transparency in our fixed-fee structure for your Family Law representation.
  • Assistance and empathy in parenting matters, child custody and care arrangements for children.
  • Expertise in conducting complex Family Law property and financial settlements.
  • Commitment to de-escalation to achieve out-of-Court settlements such as Binding Financial Agreements and Consent Orders.

New Law thought leaders in Family Law and Intervention Orders

Seitz & Pepper Family Lawyers have experience and expertise in the fields of Family & Divorce Law, Intervention Orders, Wills & Estates, Criminal & Traffic Law and conveyancing.

Our Family Lawyers and Intervention Order Lawyers handle large and complex Family & Divorce Law, Intervention Orders, Wills & Estates and Criminal & Traffic Law cases throughout Victoria and Australia, including sensitive conveyancing matters in critical situations.

We have a track record of original and ground breaking solutions and innovations in Family & Relationship Law, Intervention Orders, Wills & Estates and Criminal & Traffic Law, that have had a dramatic impact on the lives of our clients. We are “New Law” thought leaders in our dynamic approach to both negotiating and litigating when necessary child custody arrangements and financial and property settlements.

Broad Spectrum of Family Law Expertise Under One Roof

With a focus on providing the best Family Lawyers in Melbourne, we have expertise in handling a wide spectrum of Family Law issues such as property and financial settlements, parenting and custody, de facto relationships, international Family Law, Binding Financial Agreements, Consent Orders, divorce, and mediation. Our expert Intervention Order Lawyers and Family Violence Lawyers have extensive experience in Family Violence Intervention Orders and Personal Safety Intervention Orders.

Our Intervention Order Lawyers will represent you in resolving an Intervention Order or Applying for an Intervention Order. Backed by our expertise, experience, and empathy, we will lead and direct you through the turbulence of your Family Law journey with the best Family Lawyers in Melbourne.

We will ensure that your search for a “Family Lawyer near me” or a “Divorce Lawyer near me” is resolved, through our commitment to providing you with only the very best Family Lawyers in Melbourne. We look forward to hearing from you today for your free 30-minute phone consultation.

This is in addition to solving our client’s most important interrelated problems including disputed Intervention Order matters and contested Wills & Estates cases. Seitz & Pepper Lawyers will vigorously defending our clients, when prosecuted, in Criminal & Traffic Law proceedings.

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What our clients say.

Extremely pleased with my experience with Luke. As you can imagine, having a family law dispute is extremely emotionally taxing, however, Luke made this process much less stressful. Can't thank you enough Luke!
Anna Lazos
06:28 11 Jul 24
Luke was such a pleasure to deal with. He listened to my story with no interruptions and understood my emotions exactly with no judgement. Luke has won my trust that I will not be going to any other lawyer except him! Thank you so much Luke for your generosity that day!
Ruby Kaur
16:40 09 Jun 24
Luke, Olivia and Paula were each so helpful with my case, which was sorted out in a timely and professional manner. Thanks so much again team.
Madelyn Smith
08:19 06 Jun 24
I cannot recommend Seitz & Pepper enough.They are very hard working people and thanks to Oliva and Luke my legal matter was done promptly. Very happy with the professionalism and service.
Dylan Di Vincenzo
08:36 23 May 24
I spoke with Luke from Seitz & Pepper about a family law matter and found him to be very knowledgeable about the subject. He was very down to earth and put my mind at ease.
Tom Walsh
22:05 03 May 24
Thank you so much.Seitz & Pepper Family Lawyers Melbourne, very professionally and seamlessly, completed the Probate.For me, It was s a daunting task, legal things are not in my area of knowledge. Thank you. MC
M Collie
22:27 24 Apr 24
Great to deal with. Olivia and Luke were very understanding of my situation and made me feel very comfortable. They always responded to any emails I sent very quickly.Very happy I chose to work with Seitz and Pepper.
Genelle Coleman
08:09 15 Apr 24
Luke and Olivia were highly attentive to our needs, very available and responsive. Thankyou for your guidance and assistance.
Glenn Crombie
00:05 15 Apr 24
I highly recommend Seitz and Pepper family lawyers Luke and his team they are empathetic and compassionate family lawyers!
Felicia Cristine
13:31 11 Apr 24
Olivia, Luke and Team made a very stressful time in my life with going through a separation, bearable.Their unwavering support and follow through was impeccable. They strived for the best possible outcome for me and my children, and succeeded. I would highly recommend their services.
Sarsha George
09:59 11 Apr 24
Great service throughout. Made the process as seamless as possible for me and very reasonable price wise
Support Account
01:37 29 Mar 24
Luke is a seasoned family lawyer who gave fantastic advice whilst holding an empathetic ear in a complicated situation. I found him to be clever, extremely knowledgeable and friendly, providing recommendation on wider legal circumstances. I would recommend.
Bethany Righton
20:09 08 Mar 24
I highly recommend Seitz and Pepper for any Family Law matters. Both Olivia and Luke were fantastic throughout the whole process and had a very sensible approach to my case. They not only helped in resolving my case and settlement, but also the fact of reaching out to make sure I was going ok after settlement, speaks highly of the firm and people they are. My only regret is not dealing with them sooner.
Adam Dummigan
23:39 02 Mar 24
Luke, Olivia and the team were very helpful and more than happy to help with any request. They were very professional and understanding. I will be referring them and was very appreciated of their time and work.
Dina El-hassanieh
12:34 29 Feb 24
Very professional and understanding, would highly recommend Luke and Olivia
Tremayne Smith
19:00 03 Feb 24
Highly recommend Luke and Olivia. Great communication, upfront with everything, joy to work with.
Andrew Stallard
02:28 15 Jan 24
Thank you so much for representing me in my legal matter, it was a great result and I highly recommend Seitz & Pepper Family Lawyers.The team at Seitz & Pepper were fantastic.
stephen bryant
05:14 12 Jan 24
xiaoqin ding
04:07 20 Dec 23
I highly recommend Seitz & Pepper Lawyers. They helped me navigate family law and property settlement providing guidance on consent orders and understanding what is fair and equitable in this arena. This took a lot of the stress out of this process, I can't thank you guys enough!
phil duval
07:53 19 Dec 23
Luke is very professional and informative. He acted fair and honestly. Reasonably priced
Marat Lavrov
04:17 05 Dec 23
Highly recommend luke and Olivia for family separation services, they have been very patient while dealing with my file.Always quick to respond, willing to explain, very friendly, and extremely professional through the whole process.Definitely made my separation less stressful.
Mitchell Greenough
06:25 30 Nov 23
Luke and his team have been amazing. Going through hard times they make it much easier and take the work on themselves and i didn’t have worry about a thing i thank you like and your team
Stacey Porobic
03:54 13 Nov 23
I've worked with Seitz and Pepper for a few years, and have been consistently pleased with the high quality of their legal work. The whole team is at the top of their game, and Luke and Olivia especially have provided me with impressive solutions every time. I definitely recommend them for any work related to divorce law, consent orders, financial agreements and general family law advice. They are fast, efficient, and are results oriented.
Ezra Sarajinsky
05:04 04 Nov 23
Very prompt and professional. Compassionate and thorough, assisted me with anything I asked for. Will be continuing to use their services and recommend to others.
02:04 27 Oct 23
Thank you Luke and team for your services during an intervention order process. Your outstanding communication, service and personal support made my experience in court comfortable and I felt confident I was in good hands.
20:11 10 Oct 23
Totally satisfied with the service and the professionalism displayed over a lengthy period with a suitable outcome at the end. Would not hesitate to recommend Luke and the team for any family law matters needing excellent professional service and advice.
michael lyons
06:01 05 Oct 23
Luke and Olivia are fantastic. I could not have asked for a more kind and compassionate team behind me during this very stressful time. As well as achieving a better outcome than I could have anticipated.Thank you to the Seitz and Pepper team for everything you have done.I have had the opposite of the typical lawyer experience from these guys and they have done everything in their power to reduce my costs. They are very clearly in this to achieve the best outcomes for their clients and are extremely passionate about what they do. Highly reccomend!
Melissa Symington
02:31 28 Sep 23
Had a few Family court issues and Luke was fantastic.Thank you so much for all the effort you went to Luke.Thanks,Andrew callum
Andrew C
02:28 27 Sep 23
Luke was a great lawyer in my time of need nothing wasn’t to hard made things go to plan and a great result thank you will be recommending in the further
Bradley Burke
08:24 15 Sep 23
Luke was so helpful with my matter and laid out clearly and simply what I was required to do to achieve outcomes I was after. Very beneficial for someone who has never had to deal with legal matters. Highly recommend.
Zoe Degraves
03:27 16 Aug 23
Could not recommend enough. At a time I was extremely nervous about the future and very stressed out I was helped out immediately when I called and given solid advice that will allow me to sleep again.Any legal advice I need will only be through this firm I really appreciate the help!
06:14 26 Jul 23
Olivia and Luke were amazing from start to finish and were able to guide me through the entire process. They have solid judgement and have always been super approachable. I couldn't have possibly asked them for more really. 100% I'd highly recommend their business.
Michael Oelfke
09:21 18 Jul 23
Best family lawyer firm in Melbourne, highly recommended
Celeste HU
08:21 02 Jul 23
Great service and very responsive.
ann carboni
10:21 13 Jun 23
A big thank you to Olivia & Luke for organising my Will and POA's. Excellent service, prompt, great communication and easy to deal with. I highly recommend them.
Kellie Dowker
01:47 29 May 23
As a client of family law practitioners Luke Seitz and Olivia Pepper, I cannot speak highly enough of their exceptional service. From the very first consultation, they made themselves readily available to discuss all of my concerns and provided me with expert guidance throughout a difficult and emotionally charged process.One of the standout qualities of Luke Seitz and Olivia Pepper is their unwavering commitment to their clients. They listened attentively to my needs, provided compassionate support, and took the time to explain the legal intricacies of my case in a clear and understandable manner. Their wealth of knowledge and experience in family law was evident as they skillfully navigated complex legal issues on my behalf.Not only did they provide excellent legal counsel, but they also gave me practical advice that helped me make informed decisions. They always had my best interests at heart, and their expertise and attention to detail resulted in the best possible outcome for my case.Luke Seitz and Olivia Pepper's professionalism, responsiveness, and dedication to their clients are truly commendable. I felt supported and reassured throughout the entire process, knowing that I had a capable and caring legal team by my side. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of family law assistance. Their exceptional service exceeded my expectations, and I am incredibly grateful for their guidance during this challenging time in my life. Five stars without hesitation
Mick Dono
00:58 17 Apr 23
Would highly recommend Seitz & Pepper Family Lawyers to have in your corner to defend & support you! Luke was very professional, supportive, experienced and without Luke & his team I would not of won my case.I can now happily move forward in life and have a future as a Father of 3 and see my children. Thank you😊
Brett Richards
22:44 16 Apr 23
I highly recommend this firm. They have given me so much help and have gone above and beyond. Luke was both professional and kind, he has certainly made my life easier. Thank you 😊
07:03 15 Apr 23
Luke and Olivia are absolutely amazing people. They are brilliant at their job and very supportive. Even when I was cranky they had my back. They are fairly priced and let me do a payment plan. Couldn’t find a more dedicated team. You put your heart and soul into my case. Highly recommended.
Georgia Creighton
09:05 30 Mar 23
Highly recommend Seitz & Pepper, they are professional, reliable and genuinely care about their clients. I felt like I was in good hands throughout the process of my BFA as Luke, Olivia & Paula were very knowledgeable, responded to all my queries promptly and took the time to truly understand my circumstances. I did not have to worry about any legal matters during a stressful separation. These guys are also upfront with their costs- no hidden fees or extras added. An impressive bunch!
Cynthia Reckerman
09:25 01 Mar 23
Professional, experienced and supportive legal services.Luke & Oliver didn't make me feel like just a number or a paycheck, unlike other legal firms have.
Dee Djordevic
02:20 19 Feb 23
Thank you so much Olivia & Luke. You were great support during my legal matter. You are every thorough, expert and understanding of my situation. Throughout the process had good communication, took your time to explain and go trough all my documents and show kindness and understanding. Highly recommend Seitz & Pepper Lawyers.
Magdalena Maniak
00:01 03 Feb 23
So grateful of Olivia’s assistance. She approached my case with care and compassion. She gives sound advice, helpful and very professional. I also appreciate that she’s easily contactable whenever I have questions. Highly recommend!
April Tan
08:37 01 Feb 23
Luke Seitz has gone above and beyond in handling my matter, however there is more to come. I really recommend them mostly when it comes to Family Law! All the power to Seitz & Pepper Lawyers!
Joshua Read
07:31 18 Jan 23
Professional team, they got me the results I wanted and needed , for my life to move forward. I couldn’t be happier and I can’t thank Luke Seitz and Olivia Pepper enough.
Robyn Harford
07:05 09 Dec 22
Caring and conscientious lawyers. Thanks for your expert advice, understanding and support through a difficult time.
Dana Alfred
23:56 20 Nov 22
I can’t thank Luke & Olivia enough for all their professionalism, time, effort, advise, care and honesty through this whole process. I was clueless going in but with their support, I felt confident and in charge of the journey ahead.I knew they actually cared!So grateful!!
Rhea Almeida
08:38 01 Nov 22
Olivia and Luke are outstanding lawyers! I highly recommend them for family law matters.
Jessica Owen
07:00 25 Oct 22
Luke and Olivia were extremely professional and helpful from the very beginning and throughout the whole process of separation.They are reasonably priced, very experienced, approachable and transparent. What's more important they are easy to reach which also made my experience dealing with their firm a 10/10.If you're looking for a trusty family law firm- you are in the right place.
Anna K
00:49 14 Oct 22
Rebecca Cann
21:53 02 Oct 22
I highly recommend S&P Lawyers. They have been professional and extremely helpfull. Fulfilling all requirement expertly and always available to answer any questions.
Sharon Mac
21:09 02 Oct 22
Seitz & Pepper have helped our family in more ways than just being our lawyers. They explained things so I can better understand and if they said they will handle it boy do they mean it. I’ve never had to chase them they are always all over it. I appreciate everything they have done for my family and would more than highly recommend them to anyone with any issue.Cheers Mel
Melissa Meyers
23:36 15 Sep 22
Based on my experience, I engaged the services of Seitz/Pepper to represent me.In the end, a better than expected result was made possible by Luke, Olivia and the rest of the team.Highly recommend using their services if ever required.I will engage them again, if ever necessary.
04:23 08 Sep 22
When I first contacted Seitz & Pepper Lawyers I was in a legal and emotional hole. Olivia messaged me within minutes of making contact. Super important for a person struggling with anxiety. Seitz & Pepper Lawyers have provided exceptional legal advice with compassion. Luke and Olivia understand me as an individual. They are always ready to answer questions (even the really stupid ones). I would highly recommend their service to anyone.
Marco Vervoorst
04:47 05 Sep 22
Luke provided invaluable advice. Highly recommend their services
13:27 11 Jul 22
Luke is very friendly and helpful! Nothing is a bother. Highly recommend Switzerland & Pepper!
Francesca O'Halloran
03:12 28 Jun 22
Chelsea Thompson
15:26 04 Jun 22
12:37 03 Jun 22
09:57 25 May 22
Luke and Olivia have been very helpful in sorting out the Consent orders for me. Fantastic coordination and turnaround time. Thanks Seitz and Pepper Family Lawyers !
Rini Sarangi
02:13 24 May 22
Louis Lee
05:58 17 May 22
Fantastic service. I would recommend to anyone looking for Lawyers
Jane Balcombe
03:30 30 Mar 22
Highly recommend to all of my family and friends!!! I could not speak more highly of Luke and Olivia they made the process for me so easy and seamless. Their advice and wealth of knowledge brought me the best possible outcome. I feel very grateful to have had them by my side guiding me and supporting me. They are extremely competent and so reliable. I cannot thank you guys enough for all of the hard work you have done for me. Thank you!!!
Jeraldine Hinog
02:47 25 Mar 22
Great experience working with a diligent law firm whose work was precise and accurate from the first consultation. Luke was quick in providing answers to my questions, was patient and informative with his timely responses throughout the entire process. The personalised serviced was what I needed and he was able to follow through. I couldn’t recommend him and his law firm enough.
11:31 06 Feb 22
Seitz & Pepper lawyers are Professional, Results driven & hardworking!
09:53 29 Jan 22
Luke Seitz is a knowledgeable, professional and highly intelligent lawyer who provides top quality legal advice. Strongly recommend.
Matthew Woodall
11:53 24 Jan 22
Luke and the team have been fantastic. Great lawyers, professional, polite and efficient!
Michael Chudakov
06:31 24 Jan 22
Bradley Essman
14:42 23 Jan 22
Joel Murray
08:02 23 Jan 22
Christina Drossos
06:32 23 Jan 22
S & P Lawyers were there in my life when I needed them most! After my recent divorce, I didn't know where to turn. Luckily, Luke gave me some sound advice and pointed me in the right direction. The pain of my divorce was made easier by the professionals at the firm. This is something that I will never forget and something that I will always be grateful for. I would recommend these guys to anyone in need of some solid legal advice. Thanks again S & P!
Darko Kusmuk
01:33 22 Jan 22
Seitz & Pepper Lawyers are fantastic! The team are all highly knowledgeable, prompt in responding and offers confidence throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Luke if you are seeking legal advice.
Justin Kim
13:27 21 Jan 22

Seitz & Pepper Family Lawyers are here, wherever you are.

Achieve rapid delivery of Family & Divorce Law, Intervention Orders, Wills & Estates, Criminal & Traffic Law, and conveyancing services, at cost-effective fixed-fee rates, regardless of where you are.

Our experienced Family & Divorce Lawyers and Intervention Order Lawyers will navigate your path towards a more certain future. We use over a decade of legal experience to translate and apply the law, to help you understand where you sit.

As our client, you have immediate and ongoing access to a wealth of legal expertise. Our  Family Lawyers and Intervention Order Lawyers are accessible, approachable and transparent, and will understand your personal concerns and address them with superior service.

We understand how important value is to you. We offer a free 30 minute telephone consultation and, through the innovative use of technology, achieve rapid delivery of Family Law and Intervention Order services to you at cost-effective fixed-fee rates, regardless of your geographic location. This allows you to worry less about legal costs, and enables you to focus on the journey in front of you.

Melbourne Intervention Order Lawyers

Whether you are an Applicant or a Respondent in a Family Violence Intervention Order or a Personal Safety Intervention Order matter, our team of Melbourne Intervention Orders Lawyers and Melbourne Restraining Order Lawyers are ready to assist you. We have extensive experience representing clients in Intervention Order courts across Victoria, in Family Violence Intervention Orders and Personal Safety Intervention Orders. Our Melbourne Intervention Order Lawyers will fight to protect you by:

  • Applying for Final Intervention Orders and Interim Intervention Orders against the Respondent.
  • Contesting Final Intervention Orders and Interim Intervention Orders against the Applicant.
  • Advocating on behalf of Applicants, Respondents, and Affected Family Members in the Intervention Order Courts.
  • Negotiating on your behalf with the police prosecutions when defending against an Intervention Order application.
  • Guiding you and your family on how the Family Violence Intervention Order or Personal Safety Intervention Order will affect or protect you.
Contact us today