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Assisting you with all aspects of buying, selling and transferring property

Seitz & Pepper Lawyers is here to assist you with all aspects of buying, selling and transferring property.

Our continued focus on training and development has ensured that our conveyancing team remains knowledgeable and up to date with legislative changes in the conveyancing and property industry.


Seitz & Pepper Lawyers will help you achieve your property dreams

If you are looking to buy your first home or expand your investment portfolio, Seitz and Pepper Lawyers will help you achieve your property dreams.

We have modernised the conveyancing process to ensure our clients receive a superior conveyancing service that is seamless and stress free. Our conveyancing team prides themselves on delivering exceptional outcomes for our clients while ensuring their property conveyance is an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Buying a Property

Whether you are a first home buyer or seasoned investor, our conveyancing team will ensure the sales contract terms are in your best interests, and will keep you updated throughout the entire process.

Seitz & Pepper Lawyers will review your contract of sale, and it is important that our experienced conveyancing team checks the contracts before you commit to the purchase. Our conveyancing team will look for special conditions that may be to your detriment, and will provide advice and guidance on the purchase process.

Our conveyancing team will also review the Section 32 Vendor Statements, to ensure that any restrictions or encumbrances relating to the property are brought to your attention.

Our expertise in the purchase process includes:

  • Reviewing the contract of sale and Section 32 Vendor Statement.
  • Reviewing the title and related documents, and advising on any restrictions or encumbrances.
  • Undertaking all searches and applying for all required certificates.
  • Advising of stamp duty payable.
  • Preparing all transfer documents.
  • Calculating the adjustment of any rates, outgoing and land tax.
  • Ensuring funds are available for the purchase.
  • Arranging and attending settlement.
  • Arranging for the lodgement and stamping of titles for registration.
  • Notifying relevant authorities of the change of ownership.

Selling a Property

Seitz & Pepper lawyers will ensure that you meet your legal obligations as a seller. Our conveyancing team will make the sales process simple by preparing all documents for your prospective buyer. including a Contract of Sale and a Section 32 Vendor’s Statement.

The Sale of Land Act requires a vendor (seller) of real estate to provide the Section 32 Vendors Statement, which provides certain disclosures about the property. The Section 32 Vendors Statement is legally required to be provided to the prospective purchaser, before an offer can be legally accepted.

Our conveyancing team will arrange for the discharge of mortgage, facilitate early release of the deposit to you, and check and prepare all financial adjustments. We will also arrange and attend settlement on your behalf and liaise with all relevant parties to ensure the sale process runs smoothly.

Our expertise in the sales process includes:

  • Discussing and carefully drafting the section 32 Vendor Statement and contract of sale, in addition to any required special conditions.
  • Arranging for the discharge of the mortgage through the lender.
  • Securing the early release of the deposit.
  • Receiving and checking all transfer of land documents.
  • Making sure all adjustments for rates and charges have been calculated correctly.
  • Arranging settlement by liaising with all relevant parties.
  • Attending settlement on your behalf.
  • Arranging for payment of the proceeds of sale.
  • Preparing documents and notifying relevant authorities of the change in ownership.
  • Providing the statement of settlement figures.