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Criminal & Traffic Law

Achieving the Best Possible Outcome in your Criminal & Traffic Law Case

Seitz & Pepper Lawyers provide clear advice and take the time to prepare your Criminal & Traffic Law matter in order to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

Our network of experienced Barristers ensures that we provide you with expert legal representation throughout the whole process.

Criminal & Traffic Lawyers that provide Experience, Expertise and Careful Preparation

Our experienced team of Criminal & Traffic Lawyers have successfully achieved positive outcomes for many clients who have been charged with a range of criminal offences.

Through our experience, expertise and careful preparation, our Criminal & Traffic Law team ensure you have the best possible chance of securing your desired outcome.

Experienced Criminal Defence Lawyers

Seitz & Pepper Lawyers appear throughout all courts in Victoria, and we strongly advocate in preparing and defending your case.

Our expertise includes:

  • Trials.
  • Contested hearings.
  • Bail applications.
  • Pleas.
  • Supreme Court.
  • Property Court – Court of Appeal.
  • County Court trials, pleas and appeals.

Drink and Drug Driving Offences

Drink and drug driving offences are taken seriously around Australia and may result in serious criminal penalties. This is especially true in Victoria where it is becoming increasingly likely that an offender’s drivers’ license will be suspended.

Impaired driving penalties in Victoria are very strict and will result in minimum mandatory loss of license periods. If this happens to you it is important to get in contact with our Criminal & Traffic Law team to help you explore your choices.

Traffic Offences

Our services includes:

  • Dangerous driving.
  • Driving whilst disqualified/suspended.
  • Driving whilst unlicensed.
  • Speeding.
  • Driving an unregistered vehicle.

Our Criminal & Traffic Law team will help you understand the complicated laws and regulations involved in traffic offences, so that you may get the best possible result in your case. At Seitz & Pepper Lawyers, we understand how important your right to drive is and how critical it is to your lifestyle. Our Criminal & Traffic Lawyers will fight hard on your behalf, to ensure that the mandatory license suspension is kept to the minimum.

There are many negative effects of being found guilty of a driving offence in Victoria, such as your vehicle being impounded or forfeited. Some driving offences may even result in imprisonment. Our experienced Criminal & Traffic Law team will assess the evidence against you and organize your defence.

Assault Offences

Our expertise includes:

  • Intentionally causing serious injury.
  • Recklessly causing serious injury.
  • Intentionally or recklessly causing injury.
  • Affray.
  • Unlawful assault.
  • Armed robbery.
  • Aggravated burglary.
  • Murder and manslaughter.

Assault offences throughout Australia vary significantly in regards to their seriousness and the sentencing they warrant. Our experienced criminal law team will provide you case with expert preparation and representation.

Some violent offences in Victoria now involve a mandatory minimum term of imprisonment. Courts can apply discretion in their sentencing when taking into consideration the following factors of the accused:

  • Age.
  • Criminal history.
  • The circumstances of the offense.
  • The accused’s role in the offence.

Drug Offences

If you have been charged with a drug offence, our services include representation by our Criminal & Traffic Law team in regards to the following charges:

  • Possession.
  • Trafficking.
  • Importation.
  • Cultivation.
  • Manufacturing.

Regardless of the kind of substance your offence is associated with, our criminal and traffic law team are able to deal with any size of case. This may range from small scale possession to the cultivation or importation of large commercial quantities of drugs.

The seriousness and gravity of your charge will depend on:

  • The quantity of the substance.
  • The circumstances of the discovery.
  • The length of time it was occurring.
  • The purpose the substance was to be used for.

All drug charges are considered very serious in Victoria. Our Criminal & Traffic Law team will thoroughly examine the facts of your case and shall prepare an effective defence. A drug conviction can affect your future employment prospects and your freedom to travel internationally.

Domestic Violence Offences

Our expertise in regards to domestic violence charges include:

  • Stalking.
  • Intervention Orders or breaches and breaches intending to cause harm or fear.

If you have been charged with the assault, harassment or stalking of a partner, neighbour or associate, our experienced Criminal & Traffic Lawyers will represent you. Seitz & Pepper Lawyers understands the complexities of family violence and intervention orders in Victoria’s legal system.

Our Criminal & Traffic Law team understands that family violence has a wide definition that now includes emotional, psychological, financial and physical abuse. This also involves behaviour that may be considered to be threatening, coercive or dominating.

There is a maximum sentence of two years imprisonment for the breach of an intervention order and up to five years for doing so with foreknowledge of the act causing physical or mental harm.

Seitz & Pepper Lawyers are well versed in representing clients who have been charged with domestic violence offences. Our Criminal & Traffic Law team carry out this process in a professional, personalized and non-judgmental manner.

Fraud, Theft and Dishonesty Offences

Seitz & Pepper Lawyer are ready and willing to defend you against a range of dishonesty offences and have expertise including:

  • Theft.
  • Blackmail.
  • False statements.
  • Deception.
  • Possessing proceeds of a crime.
  • Handling stolen goods.
  • Armed robbery.
  • Burglary.

Dishonesty offences are taken very seriously, and may carry penalties of imprisonment. Seitz & Pepper Lawyers will thoroughly analyse, prepare and present your case in order to achieve the ideal result.

Our Criminal & Traffic Law team will prepare the defence of your case, by focusing on analysing a number of mitigating factors such as:

  • The value of the items or money involved.
  • The accused’s role in the crime.
  • Any breach of trust.
  • The time frame over which the offense took place.

Our experienced Criminal & Traffic Lawyers will weigh the seriousness of the evidence against you, and counsel you on whether to plead guilty or not.


Seitz & Pepper Lawyers have deep levels of experience in the preparation and representation of bail applications. Victorian bail laws are complicated and our expertise is in breaking down the process so it is easy to understand for our clients to understand. This includes advising you on potential bail conditions and combatting any concerns raised against you by the prosecution.

Our Criminal & Traffic Law team are experienced in delivering successful bail applications in both indictable and summary hearings. Seitz & Pepper Layers will ensure that your bail application has the best possible chance of success.