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About Seitz & Pepper Family Lawyers

Empowering you with Control over the Divorce and Separation Process

  • Dedication to innovating Family Law and the separation and divorce process through the use of technology.
  • Expert advice at the highest levels in negotiating parenting arrangements including child custody and parenting plans.
  • Seamless & rapid delivery of legal services with fair and transparent fees when conducting property settlements and financial settlements throughout your family law representation.
  • Client-centric and attentive to your needs to empower you with control over the process when negotiating consent orders and binding financial agreements.
  • Distinctive structure and low partner to associate ratio with a commitment to de-escalation.
  • Experienced Family Lawyers, Intervention Orders Lawyers, Wills & Estate Lawyers, Criminal & Traffic Lawyers and expert Conveyancers that are accessible, approachable, and transparent.

Our Dedication to Innovation in Family Law Combined with our Distinctive Structure Defines our Approach

Seitz & Pepper Family Lawyers harnesses technology to achieve seamless and rapid delivery of Family Law, Intervention Order, Wills & Estates, Criminal & Traffic Law, and Conveyancing services, at cost-effective fixed-fee rates, regardless of your geographic location in Australia.

We maintain a ratio of associates to partners significantly below that of other firms, and we focus on Family Law and related matters such as Intervention Orders and Contested Wills & Estates that require the attention, extensive experience and sophistication of our partners. We limit the number and type of matters we undertake.

We work together on a task-force basis on all our matters, bringing to bear the requisite mix of Family Lawyers, Intervention Order Lawyers, Wills & Estates Lawyers, Criminal & Traffic Lawyers, Conveyancers and expertise across our integrated practice areas.

A Preeminent Family Law Practice

  • Free 30-minute phone consultation with our experienced Family Law Melbourne lawyers and Intervention Order Melbourne Lawyers.
  • Expertise in Family & Divorce Law, Wills & Estates, Intervention Orders, Restraining Orders, Conveyancing, and Criminal and Traffic Law.
  • Client-centric approach to all our cases with an emphasis on building strong working relationships with our clients.
  • Transparent fee structure and fixed fees, so you know exactly what you are up for.
  • Accessible, approachable and understanding Family Lawyers and Intervention Order Lawyers, with an emphasis on direct and ongoing communication.

If you need help in dealing with a Melbourne Family Law or Victorian Intervention Order matter, do not hesitate to reach out to the best Family Lawyers in Melbourne today for a free 30-minute consultation. With Seitz & Pepper Family Lawyers Melbourne, your search for a “Family Lawyer near me” or a “Divorce Lawyer near me” is finally over.

Client-Centric Law Firm

Above all else, Seitz & Pepper Family Lawyers are a Client-centric Law Firm

Seitz & Pepper Family Lawyers are attentive to your particular needs, and distil and break down the complexities of Family Law into its most simplistic form. This enables you to understand how Family Law and related areas of the law including Intervention Orders, Wills & Estates, Criminal & Traffic Law and Conveyancing are applied to your particular and unique situation.

Our focus on accessible, approachable, honest and transparent lines of communications enables the firm to build strong working relationships with our clients.

Our structure and approach attracts talented Family Lawyers, who enable us to achieve excellent results for our clients in complex and critical matters.